Welcome to Z-Ultimate Martial Arts in Menlo Park!

Sensei Molly Ashworth

My name is Molly Ashworth, I am a third degree Kempo Karate instructor at Z Ultimate Martial Arts Studios, Menlo Park California. I began my journey into martial arts over 17 years ago. Martial Arts has always been a way for me to stay in shape, build self confidence and be a part of a community of individuals with the same values as I have. My dojo is all about FAMILIES. You can come with your children to a family class, where you train and spend time together. I encourage women, children & men to join our classes and have a wonderful time as a group learning self defense, developing mind and body awareness, increasing motivation, gaining self confidence all while promoting health and happiness.

Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios is completely unique as it stands alone as the ONLY martial arts system that specializes in the Dynamic Mastery Methodâ„¢ of instruction to personalize and customize the system to fit YOUR individual needs and abilities.

Come see for yourself how our martial arts style of Ultimate Kenpo combines the best of Karate, Kung Fu and Jiujitsu into an efficient and effective system of self defense easily customizable to your individual needs, allowing you to learn at the fastest speed possible how to defend yourself either on the ground or on your feet.

Our highest aim is to help you achieve your personal goals!

Sign up for our classes and give yourself and your family the opportunity to gain strength, discipline, health and self-confidence all while having FUN with other community members!